Caroline is an Australian Television Presenter & Producer, Adventure Addict and once upon a time, Miss Australia...

…But don’t let an old sash and tiara deceive you, she’s more down to earth than diva…


Caroline spends much of her life either in front or behind the camera creating travel, adventure and action sports programming and has produced and presented for 'Outside Television's programme 'Dispatches' in the US, filed stories from Antarctica, New Zealand, East Timor and China for the top rating travel program ‘Getaway’ on Channel 9, and currently works on Channel 10's 'Places We Go' & 'The Offroad Adventure Show' as well as for Australian Geographic on both their 'Adventures' TV series as well as their 'Explores' Documentary series. She gained much of her experience presenting for Foxsports News, Australia.

With many years working on a wide range of media; from lifestyle and travel, to commercial campaigns, anchoring the news and even creating online marketing and corporate films, Caroline is comfortable on any set and loves it all, whether she's jumping into minus two degree water in Antarctica or working in a state-of-the-art studio. 

Above all else, her soul sings for adventure, and she is currently developing her own television series called ‘ Unplugged' which aims to inspire people to 'log off and live' by putting down their devices and finding perspective in the world around them.

Caroline is a travel writer and has served as a Senior Contributor for AG Outdoor magazine and regularly writes features for a number of premiere adventure and travel magazines including 'Travel Play Live' 


A keen humanitarian, she is an ambassador for the Sir David Martin Foundation and served on the board of Network Kokoda. She has worked with over two dozen Australian charities as well as many international aid initiatives. Pemberton is passionate about doing grassroots humanitarian work and has volunteered in Uganda, on the Sudanese border, in Kenya & Timor Leste as well as having served as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Her insatiable appetite for travel saw her set foot in all 7 continents by the time she was 23 and she enjoys paragliding, surfing, boxing, canyoning, mountain biking, cave-diving, skiing and attempts at adventure racing. 

Her weirdest and most wonderful globe-trotting memories include ice-climbing at Mount Everest, cave diving beneath the rural farmlands of South Australia, joining a successful paragliding world record attempt in Bali, heli-MTBing the Southern Alps, wearing the blood, sweat and tears of the Kokoda trail and being trackside as the Ambassador of the FormulaOne. In her rare quiet moments you will find her reading a book.

Caroline Pemberton

Caroline is a recognised Tourism Ambassador and works as a consultant with Destination Marketing Organisations and Tourism boards around the world to create compelling travel documentaries, marketing content & productions.

She was the face of Tourism in Timor Leste (East Timor) and still fronts much of their marketing. Her role was not only in production but extended strategically, to bring about positive change in the perspective of Australian travellers. Her aim was to help change attitudes and show that East Timor is no longer a war torn country but a safe paradise open for eco and adventure tourism. This successful project involved a public relations role along with the creation of short-form destination marketing films.

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She’s the youngest sister of accomplished adventure photographer Max Pemberton ( and renowned mountaineer Rex Pemberton who held the record as the Youngest Australian to summit Mount Everest for a decade and is still one of the youngest people in the world to achieve the holy grail of alpine climbing, the 7 summits. (

Caroline is proud to be represented by One Management