Caroline is a passionate freelance adventure and travel presenter with over a decade of experience in front of the camera as well as behind the lens as a producer.

Adventuring is one thing but capturing it for the small screen is quite another which is why Caroline is a unique presenter, for the more wild and remote the location, the more she loves it. 

Here’s her showreel but feel free to scroll down through some of her work
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...Presenting for World Nomads Discoveries Series...

Going to Varanasi, India for many people is a life changing experience. The open air cremations at the banks of the river Ganges have become legendary, and for many spiritually minded travellers, a pilgrimage to the region is a must do.
India is home to some of the most ancient practices on earth. From the roots of martial arts to the fundamentals of healthy living, a vast range of human practices can be traced backed to the Indian subcontinent. World Nomad Caroline Pemberton discovered a healthy handful of these traditons during her adventures - along with some incredibly inspiring and powerful women.
As a traveller, when you first arrive to India the senses are subject not to just an onslaught, but a full blown campaign to overwhelm you. For many it can be bewildering, for others it is tremendously exciting. However, things get even more complicated if you are a woman travelling.
To discover the full depth and breadth of Indian cuisine would take countless lifetimes. Each region is another universe of food traditions, spices, approaches and flavours. World Nomad Caroline Pemberton set out to educate her belly by focusing on three prime locales in India - Mumbai, Kerala and Varanasi, and discovers not only a bevy of amazing tastes, but also connects with the locals who create and preserve India's wonderful food traditions.

... Presenting & Executive Producing Australian Geographic Explores Documentary Series...

Explore magical of Kenya with Caroline Pemberton & Dean Miller on Australian Geographic Explores.

Discover the undiscovered in Timor Leste with Caroline Pemberton & Dean Miller

...Presenting for Channel 9's Australian Geographic Adventures...

Caroline sets off on her Grampians National Park trek from Halls Gap.

Flying directly from Coolangatta to Lady Elliot Island Caroline explores the island's crystal clear waters, coming face to face with giant green turtles, leopard sharks and majestic manta rays.

SEGMENT STARTS 1 minute in.. please scroll forward to join Caroline on Lady Elliot Island where she witnesses the moment hundreds of baby turtle hatchlings make a frantic dash from the sand to the ocean.

This week on Australian Geographic Adventures, Caroline meets a true Hawkesbury River water skiing legend and visits his famous park on the banks of the River.

Presenting for Australian Geographic Adventure's on Channel 9, Caroline takes to the skies over the town of Bright, launching from Mystic Hill for her first inland solo paragliding flight.

Caroline Pemberton

...Channel 7's House of Wellness...

We go in search of our daily dose of vitamin sea, looking at the healing power of the ocean and how the sea can be used as therapy for mental illness. Filmed on location with Caroline Pemberton. From The House of Wellness Episode 5.
Caroline Pemberton goes in search of the truth, looking at the power of love and speaking to two couples about the secret to their relationships. From The House of Wellness Episode 6. Watch LIVE each Sunday at 10am on 7TWO or catch up on the episode at

...a handful of other work...

Caroline Producing and Presenting in New Zealand for Channel 9's Getaway 

Diving in Timor Leste for Outside Television, USA

Caroline invites Channel 9's Getaway to Timor Leste

Abseiling 120m over the side of a skyscraper as an Ambassador for The Sir David Martin Foundation

Producing and Presenting in Antarctica for Channel 9's Getaway

Presenting and producing real estate sales films.